Lighting phenomenon observation of the winter solstice

  • Day: December 21, 2019
  • Space: Terraces and water tank
  • Free activity

Es Baluard organises, one more year, in collaboration with the Balearic Society of Mathematics XEIX, the observation of the lighting effect that originates coinciding with the winter solstice at the Cathedral of Mallorca and that can be seen from the museum terraces. A light and color show that takes place in December and allows to contemplate the sunrise through the two rose windows of La Seu – the main rose window and the rose window on the main façade – thus creating a kind of giant kaleidoscope .

The light effect was discovered, studied and disseminated by the Balearic Society of Mathematics SBM-XEIX, which, since 2007, has gathered supporters around the phenomenon, with the objective of disseminating mathematical knowledge.

After seeing the phenomenon in the morning, there is scheduled the conference “The orientation of the Majorcan churches and the consequent lighting effects” by Joan Serra Busquets, specialist in sundials, at 8:30 pm. The constructions of Christian churches until the sixteenth century were governed by orientation rules towards the East, understanding it as the starting point of the sun. Other norms specified the equinoctional east and avoided the orientation towards the sunrise of the summer solstice.

The conference will present the real orientations of Majorcan churches and the effects of light that occur there. Joan Serra has devoted himself to the study of gnomonics for thirty years. He has built forty hours of sundials and has won the first prize for the design and construction of sundials in the international competition “Le ombre del tempo” organized by the Astronomical Observatory Serafino Zani of Brescia, Italy, with a hundred-polyhedral watch twenty four faces. He has directed and published the digital magazine for gnomonic Carpe Diem for eleven years.


7:30 am. Doors opening of the museum
8:00 am. Concentration at the Baluard de San Pedro
8:15  am. Light phenomenon observation from the terraces of Es Baluard
8:30 am. Conference: “The orientation of the Majorcan churches and the consequent lighting effects” by Joan Serra Busquets.

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21st December 2019 → 21st December 2019