Observation of the phenomenon of the winter solstice

We return yet another year to tune in to the winter solstice, when Mallorca Cathedral provides us with the spectacle of a gigantic kaleidoscope of colour. Seen from Es Baluard – clouds permitting – this is one of the most magical sunrises one can contemplate on our island.

In this way we resume Es Baluard’s "Paisatges Sostenibles" (Sustainable Landscapes) 2015-2016, a programme of activities related to art, the environment and sustainability which form part of the museum’s regular schedule in line with its aim to create links between culture, ecology and sustainable development.

This effect, which was discovered and studied and has been diffused by the Balearic Mathematical Society SBM-XEIX since 2007, congregates an increasing number of followers every year, with the aim of disseminating mathematical knowledge.After the viewing, which takes place from 7 am on and which, as from last year, can now be seen both from the vantage point in the wall and the museum’s upper terrace, we will have the chance to take part in a conference by professor Clara Grima, of the University of Seville, a leading figure in the popularisation of mathematics. “Iluminando y vigilando el Baluard de Sant Pere” (“Lighting up and watching over the Bastion of Saint Peter”) is the title she has chosen.
“Paul Erdős said that, if God exists, he has a book where he keeps the most beautiful mathematical ideas to give as gifts to a few fortunate people. According to Erdős himself, one of these wonderful ideas has to do with the exhibition space of art. I believe he is right, and taking advantage of the fact that we are meeting around the light of the solstice, and in a setting like Es Baluard, we will take a stroll through certain problems which may serve to enlighten and watch over a museum in a simple, elegant and brilliant way, from a geometrical stance” (Clara Grima).

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19th December 2015 → 19th December 2015