Observatori. Logbook: Natasha Hall and her crew

The project "Logbook: Natasha Hall and her crew" is a covenant with the history and future of climate change connected to a very special place discovered by the Archduke Luis Salvador, Sa Foradada, and brought to the present by the perception of another traveler installed on the island, who has included other professionals, accomplices and participants.
Natasha Hall’s research project, with the Es Baluard’s director Nekane Aramburu, begins in Palma de Mallorca on the occasion of the Year 2015 Archduke of Austria, through a site-intervention, a video work and a book which will be also presented internationally.

Observatori is a space on the top floor of Es Baluard specialized in experimental processes and experiences based on open investigations, residences, external collectives or artists from different disciplines.

The presentation and opening of the project "Logbook: Natasha Hall and her crew" will take place on 17th December at 7pm with the intervention of mr. José Mª Sevilla and the director of the museum, Nekane Aramburu. It's a free activity.

A discussion on Speleology will take place on 19 February at 7 pm (further information)

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18th December 2014 → 1st March 2015