Observatori. This Lab Has No Name: Strategies, Tools, and Development of the Image and Drama Lab at the ESADIB

“Images in which the artist reveals himself not only as a researcher of life, but also as a creator of high spiritual values, and of that special beauty which only corresponds to poetry. […] In my opinion, poetic logic is closer to the laws of evolution of thoughts and to life in general than classical drama". For me, poetry is a way of seeing the world, a special kind of relationship with reality. […] Poetry becomes a philosophy that accompanies a person all their life.”
(TARKOVSKY, Andrey. Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema. University of Texas Press, Austin, 1987)
This presentation of work processes sheds light on the work produced by eight participants: final year students and alumni from the ESADIB, and the course coordinator, who are invited to propose a personal project (practice) to be developed during the lab. The lab works in the realm of memory, and premised on the subjects engaged by each participant regarding a series of questions that produce a material which attempts to answer them, or that even generates further questions, and that is part of this individual creative process.
The task is to translate this material in diverse practices: exercises, scores, or discourses that can facilitate the personal development of the projects in a context of collective research.
The workshop operates as an idea generator for a given project. It produces communal work among all the participants' practices, and this work enriches the processes. It insists in the creation of a drama work, and in the use of everyday life elements, or the autobiographical, in relation to creation.
Exchange, the generation of a community, and the insistence in personal practice as an organising element of the lab have been constant factors. The results you can see in this show are still the kernel of the pieces and proposals of the workshop participants.
The collaborators in this exploration are: Chus Domínguez, Cristina Moreno, Alícia Ramis, Pili Álvarez and Mariona Naudin. The workshop was carried out by: Diego ingold, Patricia Monzón, Eva Bordoy, Frederic Bibiloni, Cristina Gavel, Irene García, Lluki Portas and Cecilia Molano.

On 26th July at 7 pm a meeting will be given as an open activity. Entitled “The construction of a personal and collective experience in artistic research: development of the image and drama workshop imagen at the ESADIB”, it will be carried out by Cecilia Molano and introduced by Martí Fons.
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26th July 2016 → 27th August 2016