On the Need for Conflicts in Public Space: Who Says What in Urban Art

Public space has become a place of questioning, of agreement and disagreement, that the citizens find themselves immersed in. As a museum interested in art manifestations that take place beyond its own walls, Es Baluard wants to prompt discussion and reflection about all these issues.
As a continuation of the Art and Public Space series designed by Jordi Pallarès – visual educator and curator specialised in urban art – this is a round table discussion than attempts to rethink public space from the standpoint of the interventions that take place in it, evaluating them from the point of view of their protagonists, the citizens themselves, and public administration.

  • Arcadi Poch, cultural manager and curator specialised in urban art.
  • Joan Ferrer, Head of Mobility, Palma City Council.
  • Aligi Molina, Head of Equality and Youth, and Civil Rights, Palma City Council.
  • Francisca Niell, Head of Culture, Palma City Council.
  • Maria Gómez, architect and co-manager of Jane’s Walk Palma.
  • Sebastià Mascaró, educator, Area of Educational Development and Training, Es Baluard.
  • Javier Garló, artist.

The round table discussion will be moderated by Jordi Pallarès.
The session will start with a screening of the documentary BCN Rise&Fall (Aleix Gordo and López Lacalle, 2013).

19th July 2016 → 19th July 2016