Once upon a time there was a house in Genoa known for everyone in the town. It was said that there were seen all kind of musical notes hanging from the sky… So big was the admiration caused that it was named La Casa de Música (The House of Music).

Oso Leone presents its first LP at Es Baluard on November 12 at 9 pm during a overwhelming live concert with progressive structures directed to epic endings. The show will be in the installation titled {6}, created specifically to be placed at the museum's Aljub.

Oso Leone is Xavi Marín and Paco Colombàs, accompanied by Ruspell. Their first work is Oso Leone, totally recorded at La Casa de Música and produced by Ruspell (Jaime Rosselló), who fixed them during an unplugged concert at the Deià's mountains and who trusted them from the very first time. They started as a duet with very simplified songs and added subtile components once at the studio that gave that songs a solid base with psychedelic and envolving moments. This is how Oso Leone is, delicaded and with a progressive attractive tendency. What in the first moment seems to be folk can end making you getting of the coach. Two melodic voices pasting as the eternal love. The arguments of the songs are far from the hermetic indulging your imagination; fantastic tales capable to bring you out from the reality and introducing you into ideal places and sauvage nature.

12th November 2010 → 12th November 2010