OUT Jove Festival

  • Day: 17, 18 and 19 December 2019
  • Time: 10: 30h
  • Space: Aljub
  • Free activity prior reservation of the institutes (limited capacity)

Es Baluard hosts the first edition of the festival Out Jove, a proposal that, from the cinema, shows the LGTBI show addressing various issues such as the sexual-emotional discovery and lymphobia. Young people will be able to know the emotional, sexual and gender realities with a pedagogical explanation that invites the debate.

The initiative is aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 18, and this time there are educational centers in Palma, with more than 700 students from the I.E.S. Son Pacs, I.E.S. Madina Mayurqa, I.E.S. Ramon Llull and I.E.S. Archduke Lluís Salvador.

On Out Jove, seven short films will be screened LGTBI. The selection is made by Out! Affititious Diversity Cinema Show of the Balearic Islands and the Fire! International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival of Barcelona. Isabel Coixet, Isaki Lacuesta and Carla Subirana are among the chosen directors.

At the end of the session, there will be a pedagogical explanation by Ben Amics, inviting young people attending the debate. In addition, the initiative seeks to be a meeting place where entities such as Ben Amics, Balears Diversa, Thaki Runa, Alas and Transitam can provide information.

Short selection (72 minutes length)

Isabel Coixet, Spain, 2016, 6 ‘
What is normal being? Isabel Coixet explores in this short almost in the form of video clips different themes related to gender identity …

Thijs Verhoeven, Netherlands, 2012, 14 ‘
(In original version subtitled in Spanish)
The young Ruben desperately tries to accept his sexuality. A difficult path because homophobic intimidation brings more and more suicide.

 Jupiter and Mars
Carla Subirana, Spain, 2016, 7 ‘
Jupiter and Mars are bright planets. They are at a smaller distance than the stars and that’s why when we look at them, they do not flash. They emit a light, steady and constant, just as the Bruna and Josep do when they talk about her family, formed by two mothers.

Pop Rox
Nate Trinrud, United States, 2017, 14 ‘
(In original version subtitled in Spanish)
Jesse is creative and rarely runs out of words. But how can you confess to her best friend that she is in love with her? Should I tell him about dolls? Write a love letter? Or should I just tell him?

Álex always went
Sancho Ortiz de Lejarazu and Roberto Ruiz Céspedes, Spain, 2016, 6 ‘
A day in the life of Álex, a boy who dreams like everyone else. He dreamed of driving, he dreams of flying, and he dreams of pushing the wolf inside.

My gay sister
Lia Hietala, Sweden, 2017, 15 ‘
(In original version subtitled in Spanish)
Cleo is ten years old and the head is full of questions: How can I know if I am in love with someone? How do I know if I prefer the boys or girls? Since her older sister started dating another girl, new and strange feelings are born in Cleo. During a trip to the Norwegian Fjords, he addresses the subject with the young couple, who gives him some interesting tips.

Self-portrait in pink and blue (Kiss yourself as a man)
Isaki Lacuesta, Spain, 2016, 10 ‘
He discovers unpredictable reactions after an unexpected kiss. A reflection on homosexuality from the first kiss.

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17th December 2019 → 19th December 2019