• Air-raid shelter of the Delegation of Defense in the Balearic Islands

Palma air-raid shelters. Past and present

Conference linked to the exhibition “Memory of Defence. Physical and Mental Architectures"

  • Day: October 15, 2021
  • Schedule: 4.30 pm
  • Location: Aljub
  • Activity with prior registration [Sold out]

Es Baluard Museu, with the intention of delving into the history of the immediate physical context of the bastion of Sant Pere, organizes a new conference, after the successful call of the last one, about the air-raid shelters used during the Civil War, one of which is part of the Museum’s cultural complex.

About 130 public air-raid shelters and more than 600 private ones were built in Palma. After the war, they were walled, and eventually forgotten. This activity aims to remember the history of these air-raid shelters and show the current state of some of them.

The activity will be conducted by Bartomeu Fiol, a specialist researcher in the field, who will give a lecture on the subject and will later guide a visit to 3 air-raid shelters which are still accessible nowadays. Specifically, after the conference will be visited the air-raid shelters of the old Artillery Quarter of the bastion of Sant Pere (current headquarters of Es Baluard Museu), the public air-raid shelter of Passeig Sagrera, and the air-raid shelter of the former Prefecture of Aviation, current headquarters of the Delegation of Defense in the Balearic Islands.


  • 16:30h – 17:30h. Conference “Palma air-raid shelters. Past and present”, conducted by Bartomeu Fiol.
  • 17:30h – 18:30h. Visit to the private air-raid shelter of Es Baluard Museu and to the air-raid shelter of Passeig Sagrera.
  • 18:30h – 19h. Tour to the Delegation of Defense in the Balearic Islands. Transportation is borne by the participants. An hour will be set to meet us at the Delegation of Defense.
  • 19h – 20h. Visit to the private air-raid shelter of the Delegation of Defense in the Balearic Islands.

Bartomeu Fiol

Bartomeu Fiol Coll (Palma, 1970) is a telecommunications engineer and teacher of electricity. In parallel to his professional activity, he has researched the air-raid shelters of Palma for more than 25 years. In 2019 he published the book  Els refugis antiaeris de Palma i la defensa passiva a Mallorca durant la Guerra Civil (1936-1939) [The anti-aircraft shelters of Palma and passive defense in Mallorca during the Civil War (1936-1939)] (Lleonard Muntaner, 2019).

15th October 2021 → 15th October 2021