Palma Dansa at Es Baluard

  • Days: April 29 and May 5, 2019
  • Schedule: Check the program
  • Space: Central courtyard and Aljub
  • Free activities

Es Baluard participates in the circuit of urban spaces that Palma Dansa 2019 program, organized by the City Council of Palma. The museum hosts the Mestizas de Mar shows, a project by Ángela Bruno Dance Factory, All-Inclusive de la Cia. UnaiUna, 78Diumenges of the Cia. Pere Mas and Blind Appointment of Sol Picó with Marco Mezquida.


April 29

18.00h | Mestizas de Mar Presentation

  • A project by Ángela Bruno Dance Factory
  • Es Baluard entrance
  • Free activity
  • Duration: 20 minutes

This new project arises from an idea of ​​Ángela Bruno after observing the repetitive events that demonstrate that women are still denied social, moral, economic and, above all, human value, with the desire to share through From the language of dance a lively and strong material on the stage. The woman is fragile and at the same time strong, like the sea or the stone from which the emblematic places of Mallorca are made.

 18.30h | All-Inclusive

  • Cia. UnaiUna
  • Es Baluard entrance
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Free activity

Nowadays we are no longer surprised by the news starring tourists who dedicate themselves to undressing at airports or jumping from balcony to balcony. The establishment of a specific tourism model has led to the emergence of these (bad) specimens, called guiris. His image is linked to the excess and the creature, and often becomes a joke and criticism. All-inclusive is a piece of contemporary dance about tourism, a self-reflexive look at what we assume when it comes to taking the role of tourists. Or is it that we do not also seek disinhibition and relaxation? Or maybe we do not want to escape from the routine? Are not this the holiday precisely? Do we make mistakes that could offend others? And if we do not want to do so we also become guiris?

Choreography: Cia. UnaiUna (Laura Lliteras and Marina Fullana) / Interpretation: Laura Lliteras and Marina Fullana / Music: Los Pekenikes (Transoceanic Train in Bucaramanga)

19.00h | 78diumenges

  • Cia. Pere Mas
  • Aljub
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Free activity

“What we experience as a limit, or the unbearable, will have to deal with the serenity of what is positive.” Foucault

78diumenges (or about loss, desire, the impossibility of accomplishing it and what you get on the way, or because we are a crystallized glass and we can make it clean with a cloth in one hand, which today will unscrew the glass and will overlook me the evil that I previously was lame and now I am not there.) It is a personal project by Pere Mas, a process of unconventional rehabilitation, a cure.

“Before I was lame and now I’m not there, I was sad and now I’m not there, before I was wrong and now I do not. This is not now, it’s yesterday, or a year ago, or two ago, or on February 9, 2017, it’s the same. It’s the same to say in Poland that anywhere in the world, but lose … we all lose”.

May 5

19.00h | Blind date

  • Sol Picó and Marco Mezquida
  • Aljub
  • Free activity. Entry by order of arrival until full capacity
  • Duration: 50 minutes

Meeting between two “scenic animals” each one in their field, for the first time together on a stage: Sol Picó and Marco Mezquida. A musical trip with synesthesia of movements and sounds. They will tell us a love story, but you will have to use words to do it, only the language of music in the case of Mezquida and that of movement in the case of Sol Picó. Do not be surprised if you see her dancing on the tables or chairs, or if she suddenly climbs to the piano.

29th April 2019 → 5th May 2019