Paper walls.
Fanzines and publications on the margins

Workshop by Do the Print

Publishing has always been used as one of the main tools to dominate and exercise control. Laws, treaties, regulations, executive orders, maps, textbooks, entire libraries, algorithms; these are just some of the ways in which the construction and distribution of knowledge through the act of printing, publishing and archiving have been used to control narrative. And in doing so, marginalize, disavow, monitor, damage and erase other ways of thinking, creating walls between the diverse voices that coexist in our society.

Fortunately, this same form of expression can also be an empowering tool for those on the other side. Independent publications and the creation of free-circulation fanzines allow us to see and listen to alternative ideas, outside the corporate, state and institutional values, and​ that challenge an hegemonic way of thinking, thus becoming a defense tool.

What value does it have publishing today? How is publication a means to make things public? We will discuss ways of exploring the public circulation of information and our work in a post-digital space and the role that the print media acquires in this context. Throughout the four sessions of this workshop, which will take place at the Es Mussol, Can Sales Library and Es Baluard Museu, we will generate a collective fanzine with the participants. Where we will explore the question of what do we defend ourselves from? Departing from the various answers that will emerge, we will create an imaginary towards that desired city through collage, copying and reproduction.

Project organized by the Direcció General de Cultura with the “Can Sales” Library and Es Baluard Museu. Participants: young people from the Es Mussol and Es Fusteret socio-educational centers.

30th July 2021 → 5th August 2021