Show: POI.
Circus with spinning tops

On the occasion of the Museum’s 20th anniversary, we invite you to attend and enjoy together the POI show by the company D’es Tro.

Merging the circus arts with the popular game of the spinning top and the roots of Mediterranean culture is the main objective of this contemporary show.

“It is the story of a rural man trapped since childhood by the gyroscopic effect of his spinning top. A journey of twists and turns that transports us to the game, one of the most important states of life”.

POI responds to a physical search of juggling and manipulation of the object, but also to an artisan investigation into the construction of the scenography and spinning tops that Guillem Vizcaíno himself has designed and built. This exploration of different types of wood, shapes and support tips has allowed him to create personal and special spinning tops, such as one of the largest spinning tops in the world, weighing 45 kg, which he himself throws with a rope of more than 15 metres.


* D’es Tro is a circus company created in Mallorca in July 2019, formed by Guillem Vizcaíno with the strong desire to discover a new and unique language and to experiment with new forms of staging.

Guillem Vizcaíno, throughout his professional career, has been part of Circ Bover, has participated in social projects such as Somriures al Desert or Pallasos Sense Frontera and has founded the circus company Atirofijo Circ, among others.


Date: 3 February at 12.00h

Duration: 50 minutes

Aimed at all audiences.

The show will take place in the central courtyard of the Museum.

Free activity.

3rd February 2024 → 3rd February 2024