“Pre-Formatting” T.A.Z (Temporary Autonomous Zone)

T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone) is the name of the program to activate “The Tower”, the exterior muslim tower located attached to Es Baluard’s walls. It is a space open to projects based in the investigation of practices of community management, citizen activism and redefinition of the world. New spaces to create experiences, processes and creative formulas of knowledge.T.A.Z is a clear reference to the famous text of Hakim Bey, it indicates that it is a temporary autonomous space, it is lead to the process, to share experiences and to work in a networking with independency. 

The first event taking place at T.A.Z will be “Pre-Formatting”, on May 11th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, free access. 

“Pre-Formatting” is a multidisciplinary and open meeting with agents related to the cultural and artistic production.Investigating architecture entails the study of the social, urban and cultural development of the city. It will be an approximation to the potencial of the contemporary architecture to transform the reality of spaces to work their representation and social relevance.

This meeting is aimed to produce a share reflection group that might serve as a conceptual basis to get started with at the radically productive workshop that will be developed at COAIB from July 5h to July 11th. 
Participants: Langarita-Navarro, MAIO, CokeBartrina and David Bestué
Conduced and managed by Toni Gelabert and Néstor Montenegrop
Place: The Tower – T.A.Z, Es Baluard 
Free activity

11th May 2015 → 11th May 2015