PrEP17 projection and round table "Let's talk about PrEP" as part of the OUT festival!

Day: April 29, 2018
Time: 11:30 p.m.
Space: Auditorium
Free activity
Language: Catalan

Es Baluard hosts the second of the parallel activities of the Affectionate Diversity Cinema Show. The OUT festival! He has planned the screening of the documentary PrEP17 with a later round table “Let’s talk about PrEP”, to spread prophylaxis against HIV, better known as PrEP, by the English acronym for Prophylaxis Preexposition. The day has the support of the Department of Equality and Civic Rights of the City Council of Palma and will take place on April 29, at 11:30 p.m. at the Es Baluard Auditorium Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary of Palma.

The event will begin with the screening of the documentary PrP17 of the filmmaker Nicholas Feustel, a film that explores the stories of more than a dozen PrEP activists, current and former users, clinicians and political leaders in the United Kingdom. The documentary highlights how PrEP has been made available to thousands of people, despite the failures of the English health system.

After the screening of the documentary, a roundtable will be opened with the presence of Joan Francesc Mir, pharmacist, consultant and researcher; Sonia Justo, psychologist of the Anti-Aids Association of the Balearic Islands; Melcior Riera, head of the department of infectious diseases of Hospital Universitari Son Espases; Rosa Aranguren, coordinator of the Autonomous Strategy of AIDS and Sexuality; and Oriol Coma, a former user of the PrEP.

Prophylaxis Preexposition is a resource for HIV prevention. Several studies (iPrEX, Ipergay, Proud) have proven their safety and efficacy. Numerous countries around the world are including this preventative tool in their health systems, including the United States, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Kenya, etc. These countries are making PrEP accessible to the population most vulnerable to an HIV infection.

OUT! is the first film show of emotional diversity that is celebrated in the Balearic Islands and aims to contribute to the recognition of new affective, sexual, gender and family realities that exist in society. It is led by MÈDIT [cultural association] and will feature feature films, short films and documentaries that usually do not have room in the commercial halls, with a broad view on affectivity and sexuality, without falling into stereotypes and dealing with universal issues such as sex, family, exclusion or art. All the programming is available at

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29th April 2018 → 29th April 2018