La performatividad de las imágenes

Book presentation by Andrea Soto Calderón

  • Date: December 17, 2020
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Location: Auditori
  • Free activity with prior registration and limited places

Andrea Soto presents an essay entitled La performatividad de las imágenes, edited by Metales Pesados. This literary meeting is part of the book presentation cycle #LetsReadTogether, which has the presence of its authors.

The publications deal with different issues in the field of thought and reflection on contemporary art. Once the presentation is over, the writers will sign copies of the new publications. Attendance at the event requires prior registration due to antiCOVID-19 preventive restrictions, which will be done in strict order of arrival.

Presents: Pilar Rubí, Public Programs of Es Baluard Museu.

Synopsis: Traditionally, the image has been declared unsuitable for criticizing reality, while today it is affirmed that we are immersed in a visual culture that requires orientation in it. Although most of the images that circulate are to consume objects and not to construct gazes, this does not imply that they do not continue to be artifacts of speculative, poetic and political power. The text is an invitation to maintain a critical attitude that allows the emergence of new types of conflicts and new ways of seeing.

From a kind of counterintuition, she affirms that the problem is not so much the excess of images but their scarcity; those realities that do not have images, that lack the capacity to be imagined. An interpellation to compose other forms of power, to relate what is not related, exercising in common the power that is shared. You have to make stories, you have to make images and you have to believe in those stories, pretend they were true. For the author, it is in these forms of fragile interruption that the uprising of forms can occur.

Andrea Soto Calderón. PhD in philosophy, currently resides in Barcelona, Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory. She has developed her research in Valparaíso, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris. Currently, in addition to her teaching activity, she develops an artistic research project in relation to the workings of images at the La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, in Barcelona.

Her lines of research focus on the transformations of aesthetic experience in contemporary culture, criticism, artistic research, the study of image and media, as well as the relationship between aesthetics and politics. She has written several academic articles as well as texts for artist catalogs. Among her recent publications, she highlights her book Le travail des images, with Jacques Rancière, Les presses du réel, 2019 and La performatividad de las imágenes, Metales Pesados, 2020.

17th December 2020 → 17th December 2020