Presentation of the book «Teoría de la retaguardia» by the author Iván de la Nuez

with the participation of Agustín Fernández Mallo and Nekane Aramburu

  • Day: September 12, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Place: Auditori
  • Free activity

Linked to the bet of the store of Es Baluard by independent publishers, the presentation of the book «Teoría de la retaguardia. Cómo sobrevivir al arte contemporáneo (y a casi todo lo demás)» by Iván de la Nuez, published by editorial Consonni, that reviews it:

“Four decades ago, Peter Bürger published his theory of the avant-garde, a book of worship, focused on the two most important tasks that art then demanded: breaking the representation and dissolving the frontier that separated it from life. Failure in this double undertaking would have certified, according to Bürger, the defeat of the vanguard and perhaps something worse: its impossibility. Forty years later, «Teoría de la retaguardia» is an ironic manifesto emerged from that fiasco, although it does not waste time neither lamenting nor making up. Especially because here it is understood that our age is not marked by the distance between art and life, but by a tension between art and survival, which is the continuation of life by any means”.

Iván de la Nuez is an essayist, critic and curator. Among his books are La balsa perpetua (1998); Paisajes después del Muro (1999), El mapa de sal (2001); Fantasía Roja (2006); Postcapital. Crítica del futuro (2006); Inundaciones (2010) y El comunista manifiesto (2013). These books have been translated into different languages and published in editorials such as Mondadori, Península, Debate, Periférica, Surkhamp, Galaxia Gutenberg, Castelvecci or Angelus Novo.

He has been curator of La isla posible (1995); Inundaciones (1999); Parque humano (2002), Banquete (2003); Postcapital (2006), De FactoRetrospectiva de Joan Fontcuberta (2008); Dentro y fuera de nosotros. Retrospectiva de Javier Codesal (2009); La Crisis es Crítica (2009); Atopía. El arte y la ciudad en el siglo XXI (2010); e Iconocracia (2015). He has written essays for retrospective exhibitions of Stan Douglas, Los Carpinteros, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, VikMuniz, Joan Fontcuberta, Carlos Garaicoa o Javier Codesal.

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