Presentation of the book Yuyu, flores y poemas by Silvia Federici (texts) and Begonia Santa-Cecilia

Llegim juntxs la contemporaneïtat

  • Day: March 28
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Venue: Auditori
  • Free activity with prior registration and limited places

In the framework of the programme Llegim juntxs la contemporaneïtat promoted by Es Baluard Museu, we include the presentation of the book Yuyu, flores y poemas by Silvia Federici (texts) and Begonia Santa-Cecilia (watercolours). Federici, one of the most widely read thinkers of our time, puts her poetry, a way of escape and amplification of her militancy, in conversation with the watercolors of Santa-Cecilia.

“Who can be interested in my poems?” asks the writer skeptically, one of the most quoted essayists of recent years. And the question alone reveals not only the power of authorization mechanisms but also the very role that seems to be usually assigned to poetry: extremely reified and often reduced to an artistic experience detached both from the mundane and from the earth we inhabit.

Synopsis: Throughout her life, Silvia Federici has turned social fires and shared concerns into poetry, relying on it to reflect in a different way, to turn reality on its head and reveal the vital force of what surrounds us. When the pandemic arrived, that same poetry would reappear in a remote dialogue with the watercolors of Begonia Santa-Cecilia, which rooted and gave materiality with their pigments to the care of life. This book, published by La Oveja Roja, produced in several languages and with many hands, takes account of this and attempts to open wide all the doors that give color to existence.

Silvia Federici is an essayist, writer and emeritus professor at Hofstra University (USA). She has been a feminist activist since 1970. Her research field is political philosophy and studies related to the history of women and feminist movements. She has also contributed several essays on educational and cultural policy. In the 1970s she was a co-founder of the International Feminist Collective.

Begonia Santa-Cecilia is a visual artist. She developed her training between Madrid and New York, where she graduated in Humanities and Fine Arts from the New School and City University. Her artistic practice often mixes pictorial materials with other common ones, even surplus or discarded ones, and is intertwined with daily and collective activities usually not recognized as “art”, such as cooking, meditation, dance, healing, hospitality, conversation, nurturing and other care.

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28th March 2023 → 28th March 2023