Presentation of the documentary "Dream Songs. The last hippie dream of Ibiza" with the presence of the director, writer and producer of the documentary

  • Day: November 7
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Place: Aljub

There are still hippies in Ibiza. Since the 1970s they have been living free and creative, and they dream that their experience will stimulate the future. A mosaic of voices and images about the radical experience of freedom. Can you say that you have lived freedom? Can freedom be lived without liberation before political control?

“Dream Songs” (2017) is a documentary directed by Agustí Vila with script by Enrique Juncosa, which is projected in Es Baluard in the framework of the exhibition «Gabinet. Eivissa-Mallorca: anys 50-90. Primera part, Don Kunkel i el seu context»

Produced by Hippie Dreams in co-production with Televisión Española, Televisió de Catalunya and IB3, this documentary comes from the idea of ​​Enrique Juncosa (screenwriter) who was then resident on the island of Ibiza. A group of hippies want to build a museum about their years on the island and will seek advice from Juncosa (director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Ireland for 9 years). This anecdote is told to Javier Pérez Santana (producer, then also resident in Ibiza) and are engaged in a debate on whether the idea of ​​enclosing the freedom that was used by the movement in a museum is good. Both decide to make a documentary about this fact and about what the movement on the island meant. They call Agustí Vila to direct it and put together Hippie Dreams S.L. in order to carry it out.

An activity parallel to the cycle «Gabinet. Eivissa-Mallorca: anys 50-90. Primera part, Don Kunkel i el seu context». Open and free.

7th November 2017 → 7th November 2017