Presentation of the last phase of Case Study #1 Dadà Women

  • Day: July 10, 2018
  • Time: 13:00h
  • Space: Cafeteria
  • Free activity
  • It will be attended by Semíramis González, Susana Blas, Aurora Duque and Davinia V. Reina

Es Baluard presents the results of the last phase of Case Study #1 within the framework of the Dones dadà Project, which is included in one of the programmatic lines of the Museum, Genres and Transgenders.

With «Dones Dadà (Dada Women)» we want to open an open proposal based on the interdisciplinary discourses and criteria, with the aim of bringing to the present the work developed by certain women who have opened a gap in artistic and thought practices.

The presentation is the third part of the initiative that began in 2016 with the Dada Hall at the Observatori and continued in 2017 with the presentation of the case study and the publication of related texts.

The final results as a fanzine include the research of Semíramis González and Susana Blas to review the situation in the Spanish State. Collectives such as Las Sinsombrero, Lyceum Club Femenino or Las Roesset, particular cases in the line of Matilde Calvo Rodero, Victorina Durán, Delhy Tejero or María Laffite and Pérez del Pulgar, Countess de Campo Alange place us in front of an irregular and unknown genealogy. For its diffusion the printed format has the graphic intervention of Aurora Duque and Davinia V. Reina’s design, which has been based on typefaces and models of women designers. Both will be present in Es Baluard with the authors of the texts.

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10th July 2018 → 10th July 2018