Reflecta 2016, Internacional Festival of videoactivism

Reflecta is a FES'16 festival (Summer Festivals at Es Baluard)

This year, "Reflecta" awards a prize for the Reflecta Premio Artivismo de cortometrajes (Reflecta Short Film Artivism Prize).

This year, we are once again collaborating with the Reflecta Festival, this time as the Associated Project within the “Paisatges Sostenibles d’Es Baluard” programme. The collaboration is extended with the presentation of the 2016 edition of "Reflecta, International Festival of Artivist Video", where the best selection of videoart short films involved with environmentalism and social change will be screened. There will also be announced the winner of the Reflecta Artivist Award 2016.
Reflecta is an itinerant film festival that came into being in Germany, and it includes activities such as film screenings, conferences, exhibitions, concerts… The project fosters transnational and interdisciplinary dialogue between filmmakers, intellectuals, artists, scientists and figures from politics and the economy. The “Reflecta” archive is a video archive comprised of thematic units revolving around the conceptual axis "rethink your world". They are: Being human and environment, Identities (cultural, subcultural and gender-based), and Perception of time (deceleration and speed).

Download the Artivist Award Application.

Download the enrolment form.

Enrolment deadline 30th April 2016.
Prize: 300€ and presentation of the finalist films in Es Baluard.

Members of the 2016 Jury: Bani Brusadin, Cesy Leonard, Nekane Aramburu (+ information)
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7th June 2016 → 7th June 2016