(Re)locations: hybrid objects and identities

Taking the exhibition “Teresa Margolles. The Stone” as a starting point we would like to give continuity to the relationship that the education department has established over the years with different entities that work with groups of people whose common denominator is that they have migrated here, either from the Peninsula or other parts of the world.

We will get to know the exhibition first-hand, with the educational team and the participation of Yarelis María Martín, an engineer of Venezuelan origin and resident in Mallorca. In a second session, the participants will share their own experiences, incorporating the critical gaze since the subject is not alien to them. Each person will bring an object that represents the place where they come from and, based on its symbolic charge, discuss the topic of moving here. Just as the stone is for Margolles the weight of the country that is carried on migrant´s backs, the objects symbolize their transit.

11th December 2020 → 26th March 2021

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