Research residence of BAR project within the «Contrastes» program

  • Days: from October 8 to 14, 2018
  • Time: consult program
  • Place: Auditori and other spaces
  • Free activity

Es Baluard continues the program «Contrastes» initiated last year with the stay of 1erEscalón and does it with the research residence of BAR project, curatorial organization integrated by Andrea Rodríguez Novoa, Verónica Valentini and Juan Canela.

«Contrastes» part of the invitation to different experts of the Spanish State or international, to give rise to the visibility, training and exchange between different communities and regions between intergenerational and cross-border. It is an initiative aimed at enabling knowledge, tutoring and exchange between different geographical areas. It is a research activity to approach different contexts: that of the artists and active agents of contemporary art in the community of the Balearic Islands with that of the curators and researchers that are integrated into this program.

BAR project activities at Es Baluard

• Tuesday October 9, 2018 7:00 pm Auditori
Public presentation BAR project and public talk about artistic residencies

Presentation of the project and its program by Andrea Rodriguez Novoa, Verónica Valentini and Juan Canela, founders and curators of BAR project. On the one hand the notion of intervention will be problematized and BAR project will expose several cases of studies developed during its public program in the city of Barcelona in relation to its residency program, such as, for example, the presentation of Tobias Kaspar Scène de garaje. Intervention in mechanical workshop – Opel in Barcelona or Studio visit with Francesc Ruiz, Sexy shop in a pornographic literature and filmography shop in Barcelona. They will also present BAR TOOL, a practical training program in visual arts, which will highlight issues related to current art education.

After the presentation, a meeting of discussion and reflection on the present and future of the programs of artistic residences in the local, national and international artistic circuit with local agents is foreseen.
When, how and where can a residence provide meaning and / or boost the work of artistic agents today? What does a residence mean in current artistic production? Are they necessary for an international positioning of the artist or curator? Do they mean a way of life in the global context? Do residencies work in the provision of artistic content or focus more on the promotion of networking?

• Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 October
Program of study visits and meetings with artists, curators and other agents of the Balearic Islands
Viewing portfolios with BAR project

For those artists interested in participating in this activity of sharing and exchange of ideas, you can send a PDF with your CV and a statement, or a link to your website, to the email: before October 5 .
Es Baluard will send the information to BAR project, who in turn will organize the first encounters and visits among the envoys that are in accordance with the ideas they propose.

• Saturday, October 13
Program of study visits and meetings with artists, curators and other agents of the Balearic Islands

Visits to studios and artistic centers of the Balearic Islands

This project is carried out with the help of the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics (ILLENC) through the Circuit d’Arts Visuals program TALENT IB 2018.

About BAR project
BAR project is a self-managed curatorial organization, dedicated to supporting international artists and curators and promoting transdisciplinary dialogue, hospitality, collaboration and exchange. It is a curatorial project started in 2013 by the curators Andrea Rodriguez Novoa, Veronica Valentini and Juan Canela.

Drinking while walking while hosting while thinking while making together is the leitmotif of BAR project, which takes its name from the popular place and social gathering of southern European culture in order to recontextualize it, and to work and practice (reflecting-doing ) in a flexible, informal and critical way. This condition of work and status goes beyond the bar extending the curatorial practice to work in the public sphere, and takes the city of Barcelona as a public project space.

Through a program of residences with international guests, pedagogical formats (BAR TOOL and BAR module), screenings, meetings and other collaborations in relation to an outstanding theme, BAR project’s curatorial practice aims to highlight relevant issues in the current political paradigm, social and economic.

CV Juan Canela. Independent and critical curator. He is co-founder of BAR project and is part of the program commission of HANGAR, Barcelona. He has been curator of the Opening section of ARCO Madrid (2016-17). He has curated projects such as Ese algo that is halfway between the color of my typical atmosphere and the tip of my reality in Tabacalera Madrid, with Stefanie Hessler (2017). The world keeps the memory of all its traces. CV Collection at the Alcobendas Art Center, Madrid (2016); Jazmín López: A noir, E blanc, I rouge, U vert, O bleu, at UTEC for Revolver Galería, Lima (2016), Why not here, public program and workshop at SOMA Mexico with BAR project (2016); The Reflection of the Mineral, The (Re) Action of the Image, a video program for Herding Islands, Rats and the Anthropocene at University of the Philippines – Los Banos, Philippines (2015); I speak, knowing that it is not about that, a project with works from the La Caixa and Macba collections with performances and interventions by contemporary artists, Caixaforum, Barcelona (2015); SWAB Performance, a performance program for SWAB Barcelona (2015); Lesson 0, curated by Azotea (September 2013-September 2015) for Espai13 Fundació Miró, Barcelona; Me and You and Everyone We Meet, a video program curated by BAR project for Zumzeig cinema, Barcelona; Why do not you call it entropy ?, curated with Ariadna Ramonetti for the 0 edition of the Contemporary Culture Meeting in Guadalajara Mexico (2015); Ignacio Uriarte: 1 & 0s in Marco, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo (2014); Do you study or work ?, La Ene, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2013); The old and the new, AdnPlatform, Barcelona (2013) -curated by Azotea (Ane Agirre and Juan Canela) -; Throw a rock and see what happens, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2013); or Ref.08001, NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona (2010).
He has given workshops and conferences in places such as Curando Caribe in the Dominican Republic, the Di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires, Bisagra Lima and La Casa Encendida Madrid. He is currently preparing Cale, cale, cale! Caale !!!, a project that questions the place of magic, ritual and the irrational in relation to nature for Tabakalera San Sebastián (2017); Irene Kopelman: On glaciers and avalanches, in CRAC Alsace (2017); Rometti / Costales at CA2M Madrid (2018). Writes for magazines such as A * Desk, Terremoto Magazine, Dardo magazine and Art-Agenda.

CV Verónica Valentini. Curator, founder and director of Emma’s itinerant public program of artistic research and mediator of the Nouveaux Commanditaires-Citizen Art Spain program of the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation (Madrid). In Barcelona he co-directs the residency program of the BAR project for international artists and curators and BAR TOOL’s nine-month practical training program for visual arts and non-artistic practices in which Huddle Formación is developing, an informal learning project and curatorial methodology. He studied Critical Theory, Gender Technologies and Political Imagination in the Program of Independent Studies PEI 2012-2013 of MACBA in Barcelona (SP) directed by Paul B. Preciado; Curatorial Practices in the International Curatorial Training Program 2009-2010 of Ecole du Magasin-Le Magasin-CNAC in Grenoble (FR); MA Visual Arts / Historical & Artistic Heritage (2003-2005) and Artistic Practice / Fine Art (1999-2003) at the School of Fine Arts of L’Aquila (IT). In 2018 she is curator of ROAMING ASSEMBLY # 21, a public symposium organized by the Dutch Art Institute. In 2016, she served as a guest lecturer at the School of Fine Arts of Brest (FR) and as a guest tutor at the Dutch Art Institute (Arnhem, NL). She has been curator, along with Xiaoyu Weng and Kit Hammonds, for the 2nd Invisible Hand Biennial of CAFAM. Curating as Gesture (2014) at the CAFA museum in Beijing, where she was the curator of Ambiguity and other ways of playing (Bik van Der Pol, Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Heman Chong, Claire Fontaine, Dora Garcia, Mark Dion, Pablo Helguera, Tobias Kaspar, Lili Reynaud-Dewar). From 2006 to 2009 she has been editor of Flash Art magazine in Milan and New York. His work is based on forming groups of critical learning, experimental, production and research around artistic knowledge. A procedure promoted by the curatorial (acting in practice) conceived as a technique solved in various formats, such as non-profit organizations, meetings, public programs, exhibitions, publications, etc. Its curatorial praxis promotes the production of social knowledge through the informal environment of distributed learning process and located with social exchange on art and society. Valentini’s area of ​​interest is based on collaborative, collective, institutional and feminist practices, and forms of subjectivity and production of professionals in the arts in a globalized world.

CV Andrea Rodríguez Novoa. She is an architect, curator and art critic based in Spain and
France. He graduated in Architecture from the ETSAUN of Pamplona and followed the postgraduate course in Art Contemporary and Cultural Management of IL3-University of Barcelona and the International Curatorial Training Program of l’École du Magasin in Grenoble (France). He is a member of IKT, International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art and C-E-A, Associate Exhibition Commissioners (France). He is part of the acquisition committee of the FRAC Normandie art collection in Caen (France). He has carried out curatorial projects with numerous collaborators such as: Lyon Biennale, Center Georges Pompidou (Paris), Institut Français (Barcelona), Casa Velázquez (Madrid), STROOM (The Hague), HANGAR Art Center (Lisbon), SOMA Mexico (CDMX), 18th St. Art Center (Los Angeles), MAK Center for Art & Architecture (Los Angeles), Biennial of Gwangju (South Korea), École de Beaux Arts Quimper (France), Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam), etc. Some of his recent projects include: A guided visit, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, 2018; Whenever you do (not) feel like, keep going, Plataforma Révolver, Lisboa, 2017; Le silence n’est pas the simple absence of bruit, École de Beaux Arts Caen, 2017; Unveiling (Reflections on scape), Primo Piano, Paris, 2017; One Night Stand: At-homeness despite it all, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, L. A., 2016; Plagiarizing the future, Hangar, Lisbon, 2015; Icaria no és una avinguda,, 2015; A(p)partment, MAIO Architects, Barcelona, ​​2014; Promenade architecturale, Fort du Bruissin Art Center, Lyon, 2014; Towards a hypothesis, XII Lyon Biennale, 2013. Reflexiones expansively around space and time, the image and the narrative. He develops curating projects and writes from and about the affections to talk about art. She is interested in the forms and formats of production, diffusion and transmission of contemporary art, in the “exhibition architectures” and in her capacity to build in the socio-political public

Cultural Education
8th October 2018 → 14th October 2018