Risk and Rupture. A Mail Art project for receptive people

Activity related to the exhibition #MiraEsBaluard

Educational proposal aimed at groups interested in this artistic trend that, in the line with the ways of doing and epistemologies of mail art, is designed to be developed without the need to come to the Museum in person.

Interested groups are introduced to mail art with a video-performance by the artist Laia Malo, designed to act as a presentation of the exhibition “Let’s see if … Experimental Poetry and Mail Art in Mallorca”.

Likewise, the participating groups also receive by post an image by the artist Tonina Matamalas, created around the issues of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our mobility, the parcellation and division of spaces, times, social and affective relationships, as well as the way in which our individual desire and will have come into conflict with the general interest.

Matamalas’s work acts as a suggestive invitation for the different groups to generate their own creations, after careful individual and collective reflection on the issues raised by the artist. In the project have also been involved Jaume Pinya (curator), Pep Canyelles and Horacio Sapere, artists and owners of the documentary archive in which this exhibition.



IES Guillem Colom Casasnoves

UIB – Artistic Education – Degree in Primary Education

IES Sineu


IES Can Peu Blanc

IES Inca

1st June 2021 → 31st August 2021