Es Baluard, during the year of its 10th anniversary, joins the celebration and festivities programming of Palma City 2014. Therefore develop an act of cultural and informative carachter from the evolution of the different representations of the martyrdom of St. Sebastian, from the perspective of contemporary language. The activity starts with a visit to the exhibition "Reproductibilitat 1.1" whose final piece is Heartless black St. Sebastian (1990), by the Brazilian artist Miguel Rio Branco, to pursue a multidisciplinary discussion board to discuss and share new readings. The meeting will involve Joana Maria Palou (director of the Museu de Mallorca), Antoni Garau (exhibition designer, curator), Pere Bujosa (president of Amics de l’Òpera del Teatre Principal) and Nekane Aramburu (Es Baluard’s director).
This event will begin with a brief review of the martyr’s iconographic representation within the history of art and his link with the City of Palma, but mostly will delve into the analysis of interpretations, potential, theories and readings (gender, queer, gay…) that have been built saint from the 70's and continuing today, from the diversity of artistic languages ​​that we provide the contemporary discourses (photography, music, scenery, literature, sculpture, installation, performances, etc).
In "Reproductibilitat 1.1" are also represented other artists at the time, one way or another, have treated this subject of martyrdom, such as Pierre Gonord or Marina Nuñez. The session will focus on the figure of Toni Catany and photographic illustration of Gabriele d' Annunzio poems of The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian. Mystery in five rooms, Catalan version of Manuel Forcano, Editorial Moll, 2007.
Another important point that will be shared is the review and excerpt from the opera The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, by composer Claude Debussy and designs of costumes and scenery by artist Jaume Plensa, for the company La Fura dels Baus in their interpretation in 1997. Bernardi Roig, Joan Brossa or Jorge Oteiza, with works in the museum's collection, are artists who at some time or another have interpreted the martyrdom of St. Sebastian. This will expand the discussion and exchange with the audience, interested in all these aspects.

17th January 2014 → 17th January 2014