Screening of Isaki Lacuesta's short films

As a parallel activity to the exhibition "Permanent Collection. Carte Blanche to Isaki Lacuesta. Look twice (the false collections of the emir)", Es Baluard has scheduled on 8th July a selection of short films made by him. This is a way to review the most experimental path of his career and to check the thin line between audiovisual creation and artistic creation. Experimentation and the constant references between one and another field led him to search constantly renewed and languages.  

Isaki Lacuesta (Girona, 1975). His films have been screened at film festivals around the world and in artistic centers like the New York MOMA, Barcelona CCCB or Madrid La Casa Encendida. Also, he's been the subject of retrospectives at the National Gallery in Washington (2013), the Cali Film Festival (Colombia), Festival dei Poppoli (Italy), Festival of Tubingen (Germany), Spanish film Festival of Toulouse (France), Festival of Malaga, festival Ibn Arabi, Mediafest Canarias (Spain).  

His first feature film, Cravan vs Cravan (2002) won awards at several international festivals. Spanish critics recognised it as the best debut of the year, with the Sant Jordi RNE Award and, among other awards, it won the International Sitges Film Festival awards for Best New Director and the Public for Best Picture. La leyenda del tiempo (2006) was presented in the official section of the Rotterdam Festival, and has become a benchmark of the new Spanish cinema. Los condenados (2009), his first film strictly fictional, received the FIPRESCI prize at the San Sebastian film festival. In the same festival, he received years later the Golden Shell for Los pasos dobles (2011).  


Teoría de los cuerpos (2004). Duration: 5´
Esbozo (2004). Duration: 5'
Nummulits (2006). Duration: 16'
Las variaciones Marker (2007). Duration: 25'
La repetición (2012) Duration: 5'
Cinco Irmás (Por un amor que morréu) (2013). Duration: 20'
Lunaby (2015). Duration: 8' (Fragment in hall)
Esbozo (2004). Duration: 5'

8th July 2016 → 8th July 2016