Screening Mientras vivas, brilla by Matías Quetglas

• Day: December 13
• Time: 7 p.m.
• Space: Auditori
• Free entry with prior registration
• Duration: 62 minutes

Es Baluard Museum and the Reial Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sant Sebastià de les Illes Balears jointly organize the presentation of the documentary Mientras vivas, brilla by Matías Quetglas, who will accompany us in the screening of the film.

The painter, whose artwork is present in the Museum’s collection, decides to recall his own history after a health problem, based on old videos recorded in a burning pine forest, close to his studio in Ávila. The artist sits in front of the camera to rescue fragments of childhood, the landscape of adolescence, the arrival in Madrid, the first steps in love life and the flame that led him to painting, to creative enthusiasm. For this emotional journey, he is accompanied by his friend and collaborator Jesús Gáchez.

Philosophical reflections, thoughts on aesthetics, searches to find the place where art and one’s own life meet, are revealed as he travels through his essential spaces: the studio in Madrid, the house in the countryside in Ávila, his space from Menorca. With no other script than the one elaborated between musings on art and thoughts of life, Matías Quetglas builds an intimate, visual and poetic account of his own existence.

Presented and moderated by the Academics of the Plastic and Visual Arts Section: Antoni Socias, painter i Cesc Mulet, filmmaker.

Colección Collection film
13th December 2023 → 13th December 2023

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