Sexualities and taboos, at this point

As a parallel activity, from the Es Baluard’s Department of Educational Development and Training, has been organized to mark the World Day for Sexual Health, September 4, with the collaboration of ALAS (Association of Anti-AIDS Fight of the Balearic Islands) a panel discussion regarding the construction and reality of sexuality in the present. Until September 7, the museum hosts the temporary exhibition "Gabinet: 6×6", a 90s photo collective around the subject of sex.
This Finissage activity of the exhibition is a panel discussion, participatory and open to the public. It features the participation of different guests intersecting and providing diversity of views on the issue of sexuality: gender, creators, scientific, the social perspective’s and looks to health. Thus, will take part at the panel: Gema Montes (psychologist, sexologist and founder of "Sersexual"), Pepe Miralles (visual artist and professor at the UPV), Fani González (LGTB Association of the Balearic Islands “Ben Amics”), and Élide Terrón (collective "Ulls Sadolls"). The table will be presented by the director of the museum, Nekane Aramburu, and moderated by , Sonia Justo, ALAS psychologist.
Although President Ronald Reagan didn’t pronounce the word AIDS publicly until 1987, the cultural and artistic context channeled a transformation in the representation of "self" and "other", proposing new subjectivities and commitments on the body, the fear of disease, and personal relationships. Despite a feeling of disinhibition or rules and regulations laid down, during this time some issues and nuances are not yet fully developed and clarified from creation, thought and sociology in a changing society subjected to technology but also clinging to stereotypes. From photographic works displayed in "Gabinet: 6×6", looks and concepts on sexuality will be analyzed, contextualized, voices and approaches will be contemplated from the various components and will also been covered the absences, the lifetimes and the embodiments of the present relative at age 90.


4th September 2014 → 4th September 2014