Short films from the ASIM's Audiovisual Grants

Within the framework of "Feim Films: Feim curts",  they'll be screened these short films from the ASIM's (Arxiu del So i de la Imatge del Consell de Mallorca) Audiovisual Grants:   

Líquid (2004)
Direction and screenplay: David Mataró
Production: Aline Tur
Cast: Caterina Maria Alorda, Santi Celaya, Pepa Charro and Lluqui Herrero
15 minutes. Color, sound (Catalan)
Synopsis: Oscar's been unfaithful to his girlfriend. He feels guilty and manages a dinner to give her all the details. He doesn't expect this apologize dinner will become a nightmare for everyone.

No tinc ganes de sortir (2001) 
Direction: Josep Hernández and Miquel Mascaró 
Production: Josep Hernández and Miquel Mascaró 
Length: 27’ 
Synopsis: This humorous short film narrates the ideological confrontation and the cultural differences of two young couples. It ridicules the idea of ​​culture is taken in Mallorca.   Por escènic (2005) 
Direction: Marcos Kühne 
Production: Kepa Dañobeitia, Marcos Kühne 
Length: 13’ 
Synopsis: At the clearing of a forest, a flock of wild humans suffer an encounter that will change their course, threatening their wild instincts.

Equipatges (2006) 
Direction: Toni Bestard 
Length: 10’ 
Synopsis: Two passengers waiting at the baggage carousel. Their baggare are late. A commitment arises: Which of them will appear first?

After the screening, panel with David Mataró

20th March 2013 → 20th March 2013