Sr. Nadie, who recently collected the Pop-Eye prize for the best EP, will present at 'Fascicles Musicals d'Es Baluard'En la ciudad del aire, the disc is being presented this winter in more than 15 cities and we will have the unique, exclusive opportunity to listen to the whole band in semi-acoustic format. The concert will be in the singular Aljub space. 

Sr. Nadie is the alter ego of Jaime García Soriano, the singer and guitarist from Sexy Sadie, the emblematic Mallorcan band that has been an illustrious name in independent pop over the last fifteen years or so. García Soriano was a member of this band right from when it was formed in 1992 until its dissolution in 2006, and released 11 records with it. Sr. Nadie (a name inspired by one of Sexy Sadie’s first hits, Mr. Nobody) launches him as a soloist, recording in Spanish for the first time with the song Me duele la cabeza as his first single, sung as a duet with Eva Amaral. En la ciudad del aire, a disc that has been under preparation for nearly three years, produced by Bori Alarcón and Jaime García Soriano, recorded in Mallorca and mixed and mastered in Madrid, is an album of great songs that enrich Spanish pop, releasing it from hackneyed themes. Sr. Nadie presents itself with a solid, consistent disc that is both serious and fun at the same time. An example of good pop, traditionally inspired and crafted. An album with plenty of music inside to be tasted, and to live on.

Jaime Gª Soriano – vocals and  guitars
Pablo Gª Soriano – electric guitars and back-up
Jaime Torres – electric guitars and back-up
Quique Clavo – double bass
Ángel Rios – drums

10th December 2010 → 10th December 2010