Today it is well known the connection between contemporary art and new technologies and that this urban art is hybridized with the latest technology to bring about laser graffiti. The laser graffiti was born with the creation of the Graffiti Research Lab in 2007. It is a creative laboratory formed by a group of graffiti writers and artists who use technology and open source software (FOSS) for urban communication.  

This workshop consists of two parts: in the first, participants will receive an introduction to laser technology and its applications by Professor Claudio Mirasso, professor and researcher IFISC UIB, and then designers and visual artists Javier Siquier OA and Pep Homar will held an exhibition in the Es Baluard's Aljub and will explain to participants which is the technology used, how works the program and how to improve the creations of laser graffiti.  

This activity aims to bring science closer to people through an artistic and aesthetic vision suggested by the compositions of laser graffiti and to know the qualities of light and understand the scope and challenges of photonic devices in today's society from the IFISC research projects in this area.  

Further information: Rosa Maria Rodriguez. Scientific Communication and Culture, IFISC (CSIC-UIB). Tel: 971 25 97 19. Email:

19th November 2011 → 19th November 2011