Start of the program "Contrasts" with the group of curators 1erEscalón

The “Contrasts” program is based on the invitation of different experts of recognized prestige from the Spanish State or internationally, to give rise to the visibility, training and exchange between different communities and regions between the intergenerational and the cross-border.

With this objective, three relevant commissioners of the 1erEscalón collective (Isabel Durante, Ana García Alarcón and Miguel Ángel Hernández) were invited to the Islands in different phases to learn about the artistic context. They carried out a residence in Es Baluard that had as objective to develop, within the framework of the “Contrastes” program promoted by the museum, a common project of knowledge and exchange.

1erEscalón investigates in lines related to the identity and memory policies, developing projects in that sense. They have directed the series of lectures Professions of Culture that has had different professionals of contemporary culture, have developed the Archive of Visual Artists of Murcia for the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts and have launched the programming of the independent space AB9 (Murcia). In addition, they are immersed in the realization of different projects of an exhibition nature.

Among the different meetings and meetings, in addition to the visits to workshops, a first visibility was made, as a result of the work process, in the Observatori and Intermedi spaces of Es Baluard.

Conversely, these results will be presented in space AB9 of Murcia, in 2018, from where they usually work through an exhibition and a publication. The title of the project is “A stone’s throw” that will lead to Mobile Maps. Geographies in movement between the Murcian and Balearic Communities as Mediterranean cartography.

From October 2 to 8, 2017
Viewing of portfolios in Es Baluard. The artists who attended the viewing and were part of this day were: Claudio Capellini, Fran Simó, Marta Pujades, Marga Pol, José Fiol, Cruz Ugarte, Olimpia Velasco, Maria Uribe, Maria Alcaraz, Mar Ripoll, Evarist Torres, Astrid Colomar, Silvia Prió, Marta Blasco, Lola Nieto, Damià Vives, Marina Planas, Mar Guerrero, Laetitia Lara, Nuria Román, Daniel Amorós, François Perri.

From October 9 to 15, 2017
Based on the ideas launched during the first phase of the residency, which began to work around concepts linked to distance, proximity, displacement, the sea, the island, the body, contact, the portable, the souvenir, the border, the traveler, the memory of the trip, the story (tell the story), the letter, the local and the global, questioned about the disappearance of time and the contraction of space …
The residence continued carrying out an investigation centered in the artists that are in active by means of documentation and bibliography facilitated by the museum. In addition to meetings outside the museum with: Marina Planas (visit to the Casa Planas Cultural Center and the Josep Planas archive, Fran Reus gallery, visit to the Julià Panadès studio, meeting with Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta, visit to the Maior Gallery in Pollença , to the Addaya gallery in Alaró, and to the CC Andratx and to the studies of workshops in residence.

From November 9 to November 14, 2017
During this phase, the most outstanding bibliography about artists on the island was emptied, focusing mainly on the context of Ibiza. For this, they had conversations with Elena Ruiz, director of MACE (Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa). In addition, a deeper contextualization work was done than in the first phase, visiting galleries and centers again. Sharing of the development of the project with the person in charge of the center, and decision making about the results obtained during the investigation period. Design of proposals to materialize the conclusions, through the realization of a video / documentary, developed in the subsequent phase, and of the publication, book format that will include the theoretical, experimental and proposals of the artists of the Balearic Islands.

From December 11 to 17, 2017
Encounter -in person and by Skype- with the selected artists in the project to discuss the project and establish the bases of the interview that will be part of the video and the field notebook: Marina Planas, María Alcaraz, Damià Vives, Irene de Andrés , Julià Panadés, José Fiol, Fran Simó, Marta Pujades, Daniel Amorós, Mar Guerrero, Laia Ventayol.

Biography of the collective 1erEscalón:

1erEscalón is a curatorial group founded in 2012 with Pablo Lag. Currently it is formed by Isabel Durante, Ana García Alarcón and Miguel Ángel Hernández. Doctors in History of Art by the University of Murcia (Isabel Durante and Miguel Ángel Hernández) and by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Ana García Alarcón) have developed curating, critique and cultural management work in the field of contemporary art.

They have recently published the book CONTRACTS. Grammars of temporality in recent art (CENDEAC, Murcia, 2016), have led the international seminar CONTRATIEMPOS: GRAMMATICS OF TEMPORALITY IN RECENT ART (Tabacalera, Madrid and Centro Párraga, Murcia) and have curated the collective exhibition GRAMATICAS DE LA TEMPORALITY (La Conservera, Murcia, 2016). Among its curators are Do not disturb. Echoes and nostalgias in the limit of the infraleve (Room Art Fair, Madrid, 2012); Technologies of the sublime. Landscapes to counter-time (A 3 bands, dark chamber gallery, Madrid, 2013); (Des) make the image. The echoes of the visible (ArtNueve, Murcia, 2013).

Currently, research in lines related to identity and memory policies, developing projects in this regard. They have run the cycle of conferences Crafts that have had different professionals of contemporary culture, have developed the Archives of Visual Artists of Murcia for the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts and have launched the programming of the independent space AB9 (Murcia). In addition, they are immersed in the realization of different expository projects.

Space: Observatori i Intermedi

Activity closed to the working group

Receipt of dossiers and program:

This project is carried out with the help of the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics (ILLENC) through the program Circuit d’Arts Visuals TALENT IB 2017.

4th October 2017 → 17th December 2017