Throughout the summer of 2013, the Education and Training Department has focussed on developing a new project, an educational space open to children and adults. In this initial phase, by way of a pilot project, work has been carried out to create a space which acts as a nexus between the contemporary art that is here and the history of the walls that surround it, and the location of the Es Baluard building. This is the first seedling of an investigation open to all types of interlocutors who wish to approach us and interact, in a recreational and constructive fashion, with the past and the present, within what is a highly characteristic setting of the city of Palma.
In this way, the history of the wall is dealt with on the basis of three key axes: FRONTIER, MARK and INJURY. Three concepts that enable us to enter into dialogue with the works of some renowned contemporary artists who work on them using numerous interpretations, and at the same time approach them from the perspective of our own subjectivities with the tools provided by the museum.

The three areas of the educational space are articulated as follows:  

  • WOUND: This area exposes the defense of the Baluard de Sant Pere by the citizens of Palma, which culminated in the transfer of the building to the city and its consequent protection. Also, visitors will learn at a documentation table how contemporary artists work the concept of "injury".

  • BRAND: The stonemasons who built the walls of Palma signed its stones. Some of these signatures, marks, can be observed even today, centuries later. The third area of ​​this educational space is based on these marks and propose that children to seek and recreate one of their own. This also displays an information table about the brand concept and an archive where people associated with the Baluard de Sant Pere analyzes this building, where Es Baluard is located.

11th July 2013 → 25th August 2013