Symphony Orchestra presents its programme concerts

Activity dates
19 of February of 2017
30 of March of 2017

Es Baluard and the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands (OSIB) are two of the major cultural institutions of our society. Thus, their collaboration is generating new synergies with the aim of bringing the performing and fine arts to a cultural audience which is growing and looks for new experiences.

The OSIB aims to approach music everyone and everywhere. Thus, a series of chamber concerts with musicians from the OSIB has been organised. It’s in collaboration with other venues of the Balearic Islands (all of them cultural). This first collaboration focuses on music synergies.   The Es Baluard Well, there will be two chamber concerts with a program based on composers of the twentieth century.


Sunday, 19th February at 12 pm

Enrique Bernaldo de Quirós (piano) / Mayte Abargues (flute) / Carlos Fortea (oboe) / Silvia Insa (clarinet) / Tatay Jose (bassoon) / Jose Fco Fortea (horn)

“A Parisian evening” (Wind Quintet with piano)

M. Ravel, F. Poulenc and J. Françaix represent the transition between the neoclassical and romantic movements, both in the 19th century, to the avant-garde in the 20th century. All these movements take place in a Paris vibrant and eager for new expressions, yet reluctant to let the old cultural currents die. These are movements contemporary to landscape paintings such as Mir, Rusiñol and Gelabert, whose works are exhibited in the museum’s hall 1. All of them fired a century and opened the doors to the new movements, born in the 20th century.

Le Tombeau de Couperin, M. Ravel
I. Prélude   II. Forlane   III. Menuet   IV. Rigaudon

L’heure du berger, J. Françaix

Sextuor, F. Poulenc
I. Allegro vivace  II. Andantino  III. Prestissimo

Sunday, 30th April at 12 pm

Sebastià Pou (violin) / Philip Dawson (bass) / Sílvia Insa (clarinet) / Josep Tatay (bassoon) / Cyril Pouillet (cornet) / Jean Cristophe Brunet (trombone) / Juan Carlos Murgui (percussion)

Story of a soldier, I. Stravinsky

Stravinsky generates a series of orchestrals innovations that shapes the future of what will be the trends after the Second World War. Story of a soldier is clear example of it.  A series of instruments, impossible to conceive in the early 20th century, were joined in this work. Is in this decade when the young Miró received avant-garde influences in Paris and Barcelona, which will be reflected in the paintings he made during his stays in Mont-Roig. An example is the work Paisatge de Mont-Roig, exhibited in the museum’s hall 3.

  • The concerts are free but the tickets must be picked up previously.
  • The tickets can be picked up at the Es Baluard box office within the museum’s hours at least one week before the concert. They are available until the day of the concert at 11:45 am.
  • A maximum of 5 tickets will be given to each person.
  • The ticket gives access to the exhibition “Permanent collection” the day of the concert from 11 am on.