Let's do a parade of memories!

Workshop around the book "Tanmateix, la màgia"

  • Date: December 22, 2021
  • Hours: 6:00 p.m.
  • Workshop for families and children from 10 years old
  • Space: Auditorium
  • Free activity with previous registration

Es Baluard Museu programs an activity for families around the book «Tanmateix, la màgia» by Cristina Llorente and Flavia Gargiulo, included in the #ComparteixEsBaluard program coinciding with the Christmas holidays.

The same authors, Cristina Llorente (script) and Flavia Gargiulo (illustration) will lead the workshop «Let’s do a parade of memories!» for families and children from 10 years old. Children must be accompanied by adults.

Memory is a mixture of evocations and fantasy that writes a large part of the history of each one of us. We will use the same memory as the protagonist of this workshop, where the memories of godparents and godmothers, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters will be combined to draw a little magical world: our own cavalcade of shared memories.

«Tanmateix, la màgia» is a graphic novel that tells of the stage in which Toni Roca, Cristina Llorente’s grandfather, dedicated himself to organizing the Three Magic Kings parade in Palma, between 1954 and 1975. The idea for the book arose the day that your cleaner finds a newspaper clipping with an interview with mr. Ambassador in Palma de los Reyes Magos de Oriente. This is the beginning of the story. The rest will be written by photos of Toni’s family, friends and colleagues, memories, postcards, long after-hours in the kitchen on Balmes Street. The illustrator Flavia Gargiulo has known how to materialize history through drawing. Both must create a story that intersects memories and family experiences with the evolution of our city. The result is a walk through Palma, in the past and in the present. Through the city where a cleft, enthusiastic and persevering man dedicated himself to making the dreams of the little ones come true. Where he made magic possible, however.


Flavia Gargiulo

Cartoonist and illustrator, profession and passion that she combines with graphic design to order her vision of her world. For now, her career is characterized by her flexibility and variety, she experimenting with each project the different disciplines of the trade: publishing, art direction, scientific dissemination and even muralism. As for the comic, she has a couple of short edited works: Catalina Homar, una dona d’empenta, the first comic of the series Mallorca has a woman’s name for the Insular Directorate of Equality, published in 2016; and three cartoons in the collective book El terror de les Nenes, published by Disset Edicions in 2019.

Other projects published and collaborations to highlight are: Illustration of Laura Gost’s story by #EscritACasa, from Fundación Mallorca Literaria, June 2020; the children’s stories of La puput de fusta, written by Max and edited by Disset Edicions in 2018; and And you, I tu, què tens?, written by Catalina Ferrer and also edited by Disset Edicions in 2017.

Cristina Llorente

Architect by profession and a writer by vocation. Since she was little, she had two clear ideas: she wanted to “build houses” and write stories. Her first aspiration was achieved in 2005, when she graduated from the UPC with a degree in Architecture. Since then, she has worked on her own, in private studies and in public administration and since 2009, she is co-director of Arquitectives, a collective dedicated to education, urban design and citizen participation that works with children from 3 to 100 years. Her second purpose began to develop when she was around five years old, at which point she dictated to her father what would be her first story. From then on, she invented numerous stories, entered literary competitions – and won some – and, as an adult, she occasionally collaborates in magazines, newspapers and publications by writing articles and essays.

To date, Cristina has three published titles: Manual de casos (o la aparentemente no muy grave solteria a los treinta) (desktop publishing, 2014), an autobiographical novel in a humorous way, Edu y la mejor casa del mundo(desktop publishing , 2015), a children’s story illustrated by Gerard Armengol that proposes a journey through residential architecture throughout history.

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22nd December 2021 → 22nd December 2021