The FIVA Festival at ES BALUARD

The video art works awarded in the last edition of the FIVA Festival and the Special Mentions of the Jury will be screened at the Es Baluard's Observatori from 4 March to 12 April. Furthermore a cyber-meeting will take place on 4 March at 6 pm with the members of the Jury Carlos Trilnick, Nekane Aramburu and Brian Mackern in addition to the organisers Soledad Sanchez, Marcela Andino and Hernan Raggi. 

FIVA is the International Festival of Video Art. Born in 2011, in four editions has managed to consolidate and expand to be a significant benchmark in many countries.
Since its early beginnings in the mid 60s, video art has been gaining ground and prestige within the art scene. Their presence in Museums, Fairs and Biennials is broad and relevant. The popularization of the technologies needed to produce this kind of art (from a cell phone to the Table Computers, and their accessible editing programs) makes video art a democratic practice. His broad inclusion in all social strata allows defending the creative freedom of authorsand artistic experimentation.Thus, the risk of having a single model of thought is minimized; otherwise, it could reduce the diversity of other nationaland cultural identities.

2014 Specifications
The 2014 jury was composed by Nekane Aramburu (director of Es Baluard), Brian Mackern (multimedia artist, musician, Uruguay), Carlos Trilnick (artist, professor in Design Studies at UBA, Argentina).

Production and organization: Soledad Sánchez (artist, cultural manager), Marcela Andino (cultural manager) and Hernán Raggi (artist, cultural manager)

In 2014 were presented 803 videos, corresponding to 755 artists from 55 countries on 5 continents.
Participants: 164 artists from Argentina, 109 artists from Spain, 57 from Brazil, 45 from Italy, 46 from Mexico, 33 from Chile, 32 from USA, 18 from Canada and France, 14 from Germany, among others.

First prize: Goran by Roberto Santaguida (Canada)
Second Prize: Family Portrait by Debora Vrizzi (Italy)
Third prize: Security Measures by Przemek Węgrzyn (Poland)

Special Mention of the Jury

White Sugar de Francesca Fini (Italy).
Z de Left Hand Rotation (Spain).
System by Miguel Andres (Spain).
Paranoia by Luciano Rojas Lucca (Argentina).
Nausea by Ignacio Violini Rebollo y Daniela Medina Silva (Argentina).
The Intruder by Agustín Rincón (Venezuela).
Linked by Nora Lestón (Argentina)

4th March 2015 → 12th April 2015