To conclude the programme revolving around Archduke Ludwig Salvator, Es Baluard and the Drach Caves have jointly organised a singular action which will take place on 23rd October in these caves in Porto Cristo.
Beyond its walls, Es Baluard works with the context and culture it forms part of, generating synergies and intersections between things contemporary and historical and artistic research and its approximation to different audiences. In the year 1896 the Archduke promoted the exploration of the Drach Caves by the well-known French speleologist, Édouard-Alfred Martel. 
Today, these famous caves and the places he discovered are open to the public and represent a symbolic point for tourism both nationally and internationally. It will be in the largest chamber, which contains what is known as Lake Martel (considered one of the largest underground lakes in the world) that a specific performative work produced by the Au Ments company will take place, with the artists Rafel Joan, Tomeu Gomila and José Miguel Puigserver. A subjective interpretation of the mark left by the Archduke in Mallorca, and a way of acknowledging the first Romantic tourist who researched the island tirelessly, studying its landscape and projecting it based on the rigour of a visionary.
The project concludes in what is known as the “Baños de Diana”, or ‘Baths of Diana’, with the in situ location of the video documentary by British creator Natasha Hall, with her investigation on the Archduke, integrating interdisciplinary teams (speleologists, biologists, etc.) from the University of the Balearic Islands who are currently studying and recording data in the caves so as to map out their climatic evolution, new grottos, etc.
This session will end outside the caves, with the presentation of the “Pincho Arxiduc”, (‘Archduke aperitif’), conceived as a result of the collaboration of the gastronomy action group Van Big and accompanied by the wine Arxiduc from the Pere Seda winery.

  • Drach Caves (Ctra. Cuevas, s/n. Porto Cristo)
  • 23rd October 2015
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • By invitation or request to mail (limited capacity)

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23rd October 2015 → 23rd October 2015