The Robert Walser's Walk

  • Days: May 24 and 25, 2018
  • Time: 6:30 p.m.
  • Payment activity
  • Space: meeting point indicated by the organization

Es Baluard organizes El paseo de Robert Walser, a scenographic tour by Marc Caellas through the El Terreno neighborhood played by Esteban Feune de Colombi, which takes place in the streets of different neighborhoods. Posed as a site-specific play, the journey begins in a corner, where a group of no more than twelve spectators meet the actor who plays the stroller Robert Walser and follow him for an hour, in apparent anarchy, for the neighborhood in question. Along the way there are encounters, random or not, theatrical or not, improvised or not.

Registration can be done in the email or by phone, call 689395620. The registered will be informed of the meeting point, in the neighborhood of El Terreno, at the time of registration, which has a price of 10 €

A project that affects the idea of ​​the museum beyond the walls of the museum and is carried out in collaboration with Can Timoner.

Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi created the La Soledad Company in Bogotá, in 2011, focused on traveling theatrical proposals, performances and site specific. The ideas and the production of each project are of both: Caellas directs, Feune de Colombi acts.

They turned the novel The Walk, by the Swiss Robert Walser, into a work “theater on foot” that they have been representing since 2012 in the streets of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Bogotá, San Pablo, Havana, Mexico City, Madrid and Barcelona, at festivals such as Fringe (Madrid), TNT (Terrassa), Filba (Buenos Aires) or Kosmópolis (Barcelona), together with institutions such as the University Museum of Chopo (Mexico), the Aecid (Spain) or the Museum of Fine Arts (Argentina) ). In addition, they also performed the works Come en casa Borges (Barcelona, 2016), Cielo TV (Centro Cultural España in México, 2017), Sin cartas no hay amor (Ciclo Anfitriona, Barcelona, 2017) and Juego de cartas (Centro Cultural España en México, 2018).

They are currently working on the adaptation of the story “La hora de los cansados”, by Enrique Vila-Matas, and the newspaper Viaje hacia mi cuarto, by the Frenchman Xavier de Maistre, to the scene in unconventional spaces.

Marc Caellas (Barcelona, ​​1974) He has lived in London, Sao Paulo, Miami, Caracas, Bogotá and Buenos Aires. He is a writer, stage director and curator of cultural projects that hybridize literature, theater and contemporary art. Cultural Advisor at the Embassy of Spain in Caracas for four and a half years, between 2003 and 2008. He worked as a cultural manager at Casa América Catalunya from 2009 to 2011. He has published the chronicle books Carcelona (Melusina, 2011), Caracaos (Melusina, 2015), Drogotá (Planeta, 2017) and the Teatro del bueno essay (Teatron tinta, 2015).

Write regularly for El Estado Mental, Altaïr Magazine, supplement Lecturas (El Tiempo), Encuentros supplement (Diari de Tarragona). He has curated several cycles and encounters that hybridize literature, scene and contemporary art as it is there: 10 años de artes vivas en el MUSAC(2015); El estómago de los escritores, Kosmópolis (2015/2016) and No todo va a ser hablar, Caixaforum (2016). He has created several pieces of documentary theater such as El alma griega, a live travel magazine (Barcelona, 2018), El perico tumba la paloma (Barcelona, 2016), una creación escénica sobre la planta de coca y sus derivados; Cuerpo Serrano, an artistic intervention in the nyamnyam space within the cycle Todo lo que me gusta es inmoral, ilegal o engorda (Barcelona, 2015); and Guiris Go Home, a diatribe against the tourist industry (Barcelona, ​​2015).

Esteban Feune de Colombi (Buenos Aires, 1980) is a multifaceted artist dedicated to writing, journalism, publishing, performance and photography. He has published the books Lugares que no (Huesos de Jibia, 2010), No recuerdo (Pánico el Pánico, 2011) y Leídos (Biblioteca Nacional, 2014). His poems are accompanied by the photos of David Sisso in Tierra vacía (Planet, 2017). He is the editor-in-chief of the magazines Galera (2008-present) and Cuisine & Vins (2015-present).

Together with Marc Caellas he founded the La Soledad Company, dedicated to diverse and versatile stage proposals, among which the walk by Robert Walser (a walking theater that he has co-directed and starred in the streets of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, San Pablo, Bogotá, Havana, DF, Barcelona and Madrid over the past seven years), Entrevistas breves con escritores repulsivos, Cielo TV  and Juego de cartas. Along with the American Erin Honeycutt has just presented the performance AllTheThings (Tangier) in Reykjavik. Esteban combines his literary activity with his work as a photographer, actor and screenwriter.


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24th May 2018 → 25th May 2018