A tiro de piedra: acercar lo posible

A 1er Escalón project within the «Contrastes» program

  • Day: December 17
  • Time: 5.00 pm
  • Place: Facultad de Letras, Universidad de Murcia
  • Participants: The Director of Es Baluard, Nekane Aramburu, Isabel Durante and Miguel Ángel Hernández.

The «Contrastes» program is based on the invitation to different experts of Spain or international, to give rise to visibility, training and exchange between communities and regions, between intergenerational and cross-border. This initiative of Es Baluard is aimed at enabling knowledge, tutoring and exchange between different geographical areas. The curatorial collective 1erEscalón, from Murcia, was the guest to participate during the year 2017. Now we present the result and conclusions.

Texts of the curators

One of the characteristics of the current world is the discourse of the compression of spaces, the elimination of borders and the contact between great distances. In the digital era, in the net-world supposedly everything is connected, we have lost the real contact, the connection of the bodies and the affections generated in the conversation, the dialogue and the co-presence. Faced with this disconnection, the project we developed in Es Baluard tried to test connection modes that involve the mobilization of those places that have not been taken into account in the discourses of globalization, small-scale connections, minimum trips, casualties intensities, the barely perceptible movements, the necessary contacts that are usually left aside precisely because they are considered irrelevant.

During our residence in Palma de Mallorca we tried to establish a connection with the artistic context of the Balearic Islands. Along that time, we contacted a series of artists that connected with our ideas about travel, distance, but also with our ideas about the meaning of art in today’s world.

Curators: 1erEscalón (Isabel Durante – Ana García Alarcón – Miguel Ángel Hernández).

Artists of the project: Daniel Amorós, María Alcaraz, Irene de Andrés, José Fiol, Mar Guerrero, Julià Panadès, Marina Planas, Marta Pujades, Fran Simó, Laia Ventayol and Damià Vives.


17th December 2018 → 17th December 2018