Traspassem els rols. Què passa! (We trespass roles. So what?) Gender and performance

Participatory workshop for women drawing from the work of Sükran Moral. The feminist artist confront us with taboos of Turkish society, but suddenly we realise that these mirror us. We take some words from Sükran by saying that “grief becomes anger and tears become diamonds”. These give us strength to problematize and confront gender roles that tradition and stablished ways of doing things make invisible, but that doesn´t make them become less agressive.

In this workshop addressed to women, we would like to give participants the opportunity to develop critical thinking, take up a stance and transgress social taboos, in a gender key. During the workshop, lasting four days, we will think about possible artistic actions, which make visible these unwritten rules that tell us where and how to act.

This is an activity by Institut Balear de la Dona, designed by Aina Bauzà with the follow-up of the Education Area of Es Baluard.

Free activity.

Dates: 18, 20, 25 and 27 July, from 10h -12h.

A crèche will be available.

18th July 2018 → 27th July 2018