• Amador, Vigíes, 2003 (video still). 16 mm film transferred to video. Single channel, color, sound. Music: Joan Valent. Duration: 7’. Courtesy Galería Maior © of the work of art, Amador, VEGAP, Palma, 2018

Visit to the studio of Amador, artist of the Collection

  • Day: October 27,  2018
  • Time: 11.00 am.
  • Place: Artist studio in Pollença
  • Exclusive activity for Members of Es Baluard

Amador, artist of the Collection, opens the doors of his workshop to the Friends of Es Baluard. Next Saturday, October 27, in the program of activities that are being carried out this year 2018, a visit to its workshop will take place in the village of Pollença.

During the visit, we can know first hand, how and where the artist works, as well as being able to chat directly with him. At the moment his work Vigíes (2003) is in «Permanent Collection», the new revision of the Collection of the museum through new stories based on dystopia, genres and the idea of ​​interior and exterior landscape. This is the tenth revision of the Collection since 2013, with which Es Baluard enhances the research and analysis of artistic heritage by providing it with new readings and means of approach to society.

Being a Members of Es Baluard is to participate in the dissemination of art and culture, integrate into a special community, a museum that works to offer quality exhibitions, as well as many activities throughout the entire Year, from leisure to lectures and continuing education and training programs that are continuously activated with all its audiences and partners.

Amador Amics Es Baluard visita
27th October 2018 → 27th October 2018