• Toni Amengual, «Flowers for Franco» series , 2011-2015. Digital print on Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige paper, 50x50 cm. Edition: 1/5 + 2 A. P. Es Baluard Museu d’Art Contemporani de Palma Collection © of the work of art, Toni Amengual, 2021

Visual de-construction of reality

Workshop by Toni Amengual

  • Dates: June 22 and 29
  • Schedule: 6 – 9 pm
  • Location: Auditori
  • Payment activity with prior registration and limited places

Es Baluard Museu is programming the workshop “Visual de-construction of reality” given by Toni Amengual, an activity linked to the exhibition “Flowers For Franco” which can be visited at the Museum until August 29. The workshop is open to all audiences, especially those interested in critical image analysis.

“Visual de-construction of reality” has, among other objectives, to explore the documentation tools to generate a visual story, know how to read it and become aware of what are the visual instruments for news communication.

“We live in a world that is increasingly polarized by the way information is presented to us. Although this way of presenting reality has been enhanced by social media, the “meme” language and the rapid visualization of information, these tools are direct heirs of the classic media. Social media has made the tools for creating and communicating reality available to everyone. Therefore, if we understand how opinion is created and generated in the press, we will understand its echo in the networks to acquire a critical sense about the information that reaches us”, Amengual says.

Shelling out the project and the exhibition “Flowers For Franco” will analyze the documentation as a working tool and develop a collage, based on press clippings, on a topical issue to apply the potential and visual ambiguity as a form of opinion creation.


June 22nd

  • Welcome and presentation of the work “Flowers For Franco” and its historical context
  • Guided tour of the exhibition
  • Press review of the day. Comparison of news in different headlines
  • Work to be done during the week: gathering information from different newspapers and sources on a topical issue. Research on the subject to generate a personal opinion. Collect photographs.

June 29th

  • Brief presentation of the researched topic and the images.
  • Recombination of the images provided to generate a collage about the opinion formed on the topic and the different points of view generated by the news.
  • Presentation of the resulting image or images to the whole group.
Cultural Training
clipping critics documentation press workshop
22nd June 2021 → 29th June 2021