On Saturday June 9, 2012, in 32 cities around the world simultaneously, anonymous people are the real protagonists of a solo exhibition, where each of them can make an artistic contribution on a wall turned into a makeshift open-air museum, where everyone can exhibit and see the work of others.
Shaping a thought, writing a story, drawing, taking a picture, painting, stamping a shirt, there are plenty of ways to externalize a thought or an emotion. And today the world needs to express itself more than ever. Wallpeople’s aims is that in 'Express yourself' people express their ideas and share them with others in a public space.
Where? On one of Es Baluard’s wall, filled with completely free, personal and genuine creations. No matter the theme, format or the message, the only requirement is that they can be placed on a wall with adhesive tape.
Wallpeople is a collaborative art project based in Barcelona that invites people to create and be part of a unique moment in a specific urban space. The objective is to compose a street-work unique and made by all.
In April 2010, Wallpeople proposed a first event of street and photography-based collaborative art work. 10 cities around the world joined the initiative, with nearly 1,500 participants and 5,000 photos. By 2011 the proposal was to create the "Wall of Happiness" where each participant could take pictures that reflect the universal feeling for him. Thanks to online distribution, social networks and the wide acceptance of the project, Wallpeople doubled the number of cities from 10 to 20 cities in the world, bringing together 3,000 participants who hung more than 7,000 photographs on the different walls.
In 2012 this project will be held in 32 cities some of them, for the first time, in Asia. The project aims to overcome the number of attendees and works exhibited in past editions.
This is how Es Baluard will be part of this global project each year trying to open new spaces for reflection and creative people in cities around the world.

How to participate: 

  • On Saturday June 9, 2012 go to Es Baluard with one or more printed photos representing "express yourself". 
  • The format and size are free, but there won't be accepted giant images (1x1meter) or those that can hurt sensibilities. 
  • The creation of the wall will be from 7.00 pm to 9 pm. It is an ephemeral action since it only lasts two hours. 
  • The organization will have double-sided adhesive tape to stick the photos. However we recommend you to bring your own tape to make the process easier. 
  • Paste your picture next to the others, to separate them by a small margin. Respect the other photos. 
  • Once the mural is completed and after a time of exposure, the organization will give a warning to indicate the end of the work. 
  • At that time you can withdraw your own pictures or take the other's. 
  • If you want someone to take your picture you can write your e-mail at the reverse so the other person can make you a comment. Then, the mural will be a more interactive experience. 
  • The remaining photos will be removed by the organization and not be used for any other purpose. 


Some photos can be taken during the event to be reproduced in any media.

9th June 2012 → 9th June 2012