Workshop «Drawing and energy. Tools to create and heal» by Eulàlia Valldosera

  • Days: March 30, 2019
  • Time: 10h-14h and 16h-19h
  • Space: Auditori
  • Payment activity with prior registration

Es Baluard hosts a drawing workshop organized by EulàliaValldosera, artist present in the Museum Collection. The activity consists of an initiation in the practice of assisted or channeled drawing, aimed at artists and professionals in creative fields, healers and those people who want to acquire tools of self-knowledge for the expression of a new reality.

Program and methodology

The creator proposes the drawing as cognitive writing that goes to the hemisphere forgotten by our culture, which allows us to enter into states of consciousness and from there, make timely changes in our psychic, individual and collective framework. To do this, it combines the visible and the invisible in its methodology: the mobilization of its own energy, initiating us in the geography of the body understood as a fractal of the whole, through maps transmitted through the mystical way, and the practice of the automatic and directed line, capable to reveal the anatomy of pain and the possible intrusion of collective programs inherited in our body memory.
This workshop aims to each end up configuring their own toolbox that allows you to accompany, with autonomy, in the processes that life demands and carry out an evolutionary work that resituates the Art with a tool for the common.


The workshop is held in two independent sessions with a maximum of 7 people in each.

The registration price of the first session, which will take place on March 30 from 10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm is €70.

The second session on March 31 from 10h-14: 30h has an amount of €55.

The formalization of registration can be done until March 28 in the mail:

Eulàlia Valldosera (Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona, ​​1963). She represented Spain in many international biennials during the 90s, still unknown (Manifest Y in Rotterdam, Kwang-ju in South Korea, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Sydney, Santa Fe in New Mexico, Yokohama in Japan, and lately in Sao Paulo, Venice and Lyon.

The Antoni Tàpies Foundation (Barcelona) dedicates a retrospective to him in 2001 and also exhibits at the Witte de With Center (Rotterdam). Then receive the National Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya. In 2009 she opened her solo exhibition at the Museo Reina Sofía (MNCARS, Madrid), which placed her as a pioneer and a generating figure in a way of doing that transversely cross all media. With her lighting installations and her ability to staging by means of everyday objects, and the use of technology, generates psychological spaces that unveil the shadows of our collective imagination from a critical political-personal attitude regarding issues of gender, production and expository context.

Her latest research is a turning point in her career, proposing the assembly between her ability as a healer and / or channeler and her artistic work. On the one hand, it offers workshops «Drawing and energy» in which it initiates its participants in the management of the energetic body in combination with the principles on line and color.

Climate change, water and the plastics that pollute it, the activation of paleolithic caves and old places of cult, speak of a revision of the concept of the feminine and the need to awaken and decontaminate the psychic memories anchored to the historical common places as well as in our unconscious, where they affect each other and, among other areas, promote the unhealthy state of the waters of the planet.

30th March 2019 → 30th March 2019