Workshop with INLAND - Campo Adentro

Missions artístiques a la Serra de Tramuntana

Es Baluard and the Consorci Serra de Tramuntana call for a new edition of the «Missions artístiques a la Serra de Tramuntana» program with the INLAND – Campo Adentro collective, which organizes, from 23 to 27 October 2018, a workshop on landscape that attends to the composition of knowledge of diverse disciplines such as art, sociology, ecology or architecture, together with local knowledge linked to the earth.

This workshop is based on an approach to the town of Deià and to different places in the Serra by local agents. An interest is expected for the intersection of art-ecology-territory, development models and processes of change, with the capacity to adapt and react to opportunities during field work, to record and document in different formats and the intention of collaboration and dialogue within of the team itself.

Thus, a total of 10 places open to participants in the workshop are convened. Later a period of elaboration of results will take place, which may be the visualization of the collected information, the analysis of the context, the speculation of futures or the formulation of proposals. They can be visualized in various formats presented at Es Baluard in 2019.


  • The registration fee is 30 euros (10% discount for Members of Es Baluard). Interested people must complete the online form available until August 28 at 00.00 a.m. on the following link.
  • After meeting of the jury convened for the occasion, the selected will be announced the week of September 3 to 9, on the web and by personal communication.
  • The 10 scholarships granted include transfers from Palma to Deià and the study environment, accommodation, food and insurance. It do not include trips to the island from other points of the Balearic Islands or the Iberian Peninsula.
  • The workshop will also be held in Spanish, Catalan and English. Priority will be given to participants linked to the Balearic Islands.

About Inland 

INLAND – Campo Adentro is a project about an organization that links territory, culture and social change, and a collaborative platform. In a first phase (2010-2013) and taking Spain as the first case study, Campo Adentro launches an international conference, the production of projects with 22 artists in as many towns spread across the country, presentations and exhibitions. He continued with a period of reflection and evaluation, forming Grupos de Estudio in Spain, Holland and a series of publications. Today INLAND acts collectively and works as a para-institution that initiates collaborations on the ground, economies and communities-of-practice as a substrate for the regeneration of a social culture (post-Contemporary Art) and rural revitalization, part social movement, part start-up.

Acting in different ways in different countries, INLAND publishes books, produces exhibitions or cheese, acts as a consultant for the European Commission on the use of art in rural development processes, while organizing a movement of pastors opposed to the dominant agrarian policy, and recover an abandoned village in the Cantabrian Cornice for collective agrarian and artistic production. It was started by Fernando Garcia Dory in 2009. It has been shown at the Istanbul Biennial in 2015, and that same year at Casco Art Projects Holland, PAV Torino Italia, Maebashi Museum Japan.

In 2017 at Contemporary Arts Glasgow, MALBA, Matadero Art Center Madrid, Museum of Modern Art Medellin Colombia, and with field actions in Italy (TRANSART Festival Bolzano and Puglia) and at the Jeju Biennial, South Korea. He has been awarded by the Carasso Foundation to define the New Curriculum project through which to train the artists and rural development agents of the future. In 2018-19 he works with Serpentine Gallery (London), Matadero Madrid and has the support of the Ministerio de Cultura y de la Comunidad de Madrid, where he has been granted the assignment of a building for the start-up of the Centro de Acercamiento a lo Rural.


Campo Adentro Tramuntana workshop
23rd October 2018 → 27th October 2018