Workshop 'Murmurs: tales and fictions in the public space'

Workshop given by the artists Clara Boj and Diego Díaz to create a fiction documentary, under Creative Commons license, with cell phone using the city's murmur as a source and theme. Public presentation of the film once the workshop has ended and viewing at the site

Clara Boj and Diego Díaz have been combining their individual artistic practice with projects in collaboration since 2000. Their work focuses mainly on the observation of the public space and the diverse (architectural, technological, functional, social…) transformations that derive from the incorporation of new media into the spaces of everyday life. They create installations that combine physical and virtual qualities in order to link the old and new forms of social relationship, between old and new communication spaces. They have been guest researchers at the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore and the Symbiotic Systems Lab in Kyoto, Japan. Their work has been presented in several exhibitions including ISEA 04 (Nykytaiteen Museo Kiasma, Helsinki), “Interrupt” (Singapore Art Museum) and C.A.S.T (Singapore Art Museum), etc. They have also presented their research in symposia such as ACE04 (Advances in Computer Entertainment 04) and Ciber@rt04. Their work has also been presented at Ars Electronica in Linz (Austria), Transmediale (Berlin), ARCO (Madrid) and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón).

26th April 2011 → 30th April 2011