XXth DEAC Conference

Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma will be the museum organising the XXth Bi-annual DEAC Conference. It will take place on 3, 4 and 5 October 2019.

The conference, like in previous editions carried out in different Spanish cities, provides a platform for debate, exchange and reflection aimed at professionals of museums’ learning departments.

On this occasion we will focus on the cross-cutting nature of museum practices in education, and the importance and need to establish practices based on a horizontal approach and working within a network. Looking toward transversality at different levels, from inside the institution: in the learning team and its relationship with other departments, especially Exhibitions Curators and outwards in its interactions with communities, associations and social entities. These two axes will be the topics that the program will revolve around.

The conference is open to museum workers, students and anyone interested in museum education. We are currently developing the content and program, we will publish all the information regarding the structure, organisation and enrolment in the near future.

Further information at the #20DEACEsBaluard website.

3rd October 2019 → 5th October 2019