The Yann Lheureux Company presents two performances: Instinct and Abus de souffle.  

This company was born in 1994 in Montpelier and is a landmark in the French and international choreographic landscape. His style sails in different territories. Both geographically (they have performed in Spain, Tunisia, Korea, South Africa, Indian Ocean …) and artistic (drama, video, multimedia …)  

Through all the scenic elements available, the body first, the choreography of this company allows them to create universes sensitive, unique territories, new worlds. They try to create new links between different areas and porous art, questioning the art no less than every creation: the place of the viewer and the artist, which one occupies the body… This company places key issues on the stage.

Instinct is a piece created in 2010 to the festival of Busan in Korea for 7 dancers, taken back  then in France, Tunisia and Madagascar. For each of these versions a casting was chosen among interpreters living in countries in question. Seven dancers cross and uncross in has frantic race, trying to join together into has movement single, "animal becoming ". The rhythmic urgency ties the body while not march, confront, ejected from each other, leaving for the unique self-expression. The band creates a space where everyone is affirmed in its difference and its twin, shared the urgency of the moment.
For the piece Abus de souffle, Yann Lheureux appeals to two performance artists foreign to whom he joins. These three characters meet together behind closed doors; they live in this space. They are preys and heroes, alternately heroic and decadent; they are profoundly human.
They are simply conscious of the preciosity of time. They have no past on heels and if they trot, it is only for the moment. They are gathered by all which separates them. Three beings to the antipodes: of their cultures, their trainings, their nationalities, their morphologies, their faiths and their dreams … They are gathered by their only passion and if they perspire, it’s their soul and not their sweat!

16th October 2011 → 16th October 2011