Yayo Herrero Conference
The five elements: ecological literacy in times of civilizational crisis

Contact Zone: repair crises

  • Day: March 3
  • Hours: 7:00 p.m.
  • Space: Aljub
  • Face-to-face activity with prior registration and limited places
  • Es Baluard Members: Free entrance. Contact with marketing01@esbaluard.org to book the ticket up to 2 days before the activity.

Es Baluard Museu organizes the public conference “The five elements: ecological literacy in times of civilizational crisis” by Yayo Herrero within the framework of the “Contact Zone” programme. In this presentation, the anthropologist and expert in political ecology proposes a reflection based on how Western culture has evolved divorced from bodies and territories: “We learned to look at the natural environment from outside, superiority and instrumentality. Facing civilizational collapse requires understanding ourselves as a species inserted in a natural environment with limits, part of a complex network, and members of a planetary community that evolves between structure and surprise”.

With this activity, open to the public not enrolled in the training program, Herrero delves into the different debates raised in the module “Ecologicalisms, imagining the impossible” of #LAP01, where we will approach, among others, the ideas of climate emergency and the new international critical awareness about the limits of development, the emergence of new environmental movements or the idea of ​​environmental collapse, currently among the great concerns of citizens.

Contact Zone” is an annual training and research program that aims to explore the potential of artistic practice and cultural production as devices for intervention in social change. In its first edition, the need to think about contemporary complexity is presented from five thematic axes: New Institutions, Ecologisms, Works, Feminisms and Borders.

Cultural Education Training
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3rd March 2022 → 3rd March 2022