30 March, 2017 Magda Albis
ArtFutura is a Festival of Culture and Digital Creativity, which explores from 1990 the most relevant projects and ideas of the international panorama of New Media, Virtual Reality, Interaction Design and Digital Animation.

This festival edition features six different sections to be played in the museum’s Intermedi hall 10th January to 26th February. Visits for schools and specific groups can be also booked at

“From Virtual Reality to 3D Internet” is the theme of this edition. Immersive Virtual Reality was born in the sixties with Ivan Sutherland. It would return later as a protagonist of the graphic computer and exploded in the beginnings of the 90 in what is considered the first wave of Virtual Reality that reached the great public. Now, in 2017, we are immersed in the second and great wave of Virtual Reality. With substantial changes developed in the two and a half decades between them.

A crucial element ism the full development of the smartphone, which integrates a processor, screen, gyroscope and Internet connection into a single device: an ideal base for the full development and commercialization of Virtual Reality.


Towards an Expanded Reality

A special on the issue of editing. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are new and powerful sensory extensions. This programme covers the RV and RA novelties in 3D, video games, comic, music, cinema, advertising and storytelling.

Featuring the proposals of Tippet Studios, Mediamonks, Arnold Abadie, John Carmack, Sentient Flux, Keiichi Matsuda, “Uncanny Valley”, Clyde DeSouza, Pattie Maes, Xavier Benavides and Judith Amores (MIT Media Lab).


3D Futura Show  

Works by large studios, specialized schools and graphic freelancers. Everything has a place in this genre that surprises us every year with its originality and technical capability. Including new shorts by Studio Smack, James Cunningham, Seccovan, Tomer Eshed, Bose Collins, Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier, Kevin Roger and others.

Futura Graphics  

Futura Graphics attempts to highlight annually the most brilliant works in the field of new aesthetics: Digital animations, experimental shorts, videoclips and mixed works in the pursuit of new languages. With works by Aardman Studios, Moth, Julius Horsthuis, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Kris Merc, Hannes Knutsson and others.


PlayGround is a new medium that speaks to a new generation. They communicate the news in a creative and unapologetic way.    With more than 9 million followers on Facebook, their videos are mini-documentaries ferociously quick and designed to be consumed by the smartphone and to be viralized immediately.   ArtFutura wants to show the videos that feel closer to its themes: Art, Technology, Videogames, rights on the Internet, Digital Culture, the Future…

Feeding the Web  

A new release of this program dedicated to those messages and audiovisual works produced directly for the Web. A new type of material made exclusively for online viewing. Including works by Moth, Jim Mortleman, Josan, Gabriel Garcia, David Sandberg, Jonathan Djob Nkondo and many others.


A section dedicated to performance, new media installations and other interactive environments through video. With works by WOW Inc., Théoriz, Sila Sveta Studio, Squidsoup, Stain & Lazyfish, Patrick Shearn and Daniel Canogar.


  • From 10th January to 26th February 2017.
  • Within the museum’s current times and fares.
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