Amparo Sard

Son Servera, Mallorca, 1973

Amparo Sard, lives and works in Mallorca and Barcelona; she is a multidisciplinary artist who works mainly with drawing, sculpture, video and installations. Essential elements of her work are the physics of matter, experimentation with materials and concepts derived from their usage. The human condition is the main theme this Mallorcan artist deals with, and her works feature powerful reflections on pain (both physical and mental), anguish, or existential doubt, among others. Her pieces combine a subtle aesthetics with disturbing content, a mixture of suffering and pleasure. Sard creates some of her works on a self-referential basis, taking the leading role in sequences in which, with her own body, she explores the limits that mark the growth of the individual, showing her emotions and weaknesses, such as fear, error, eternal indecision or the importance of oblivion in order to continue living. Aesthetically impeccable, her pieces are intended to trouble the spectator, promoting contemplation and connecting with the terrain of the emotional.