Bernardí Roig

Palma de Mallorca, 1965

Bernardí Roig lives and works in Mallorca and is one of the most prolific and active Balearic artists, with an extensive international background. His artistic practice alludes to a society trapped in an era characterised by a lack of historical memory and identity. An individual in a world taken over by the mass media, which has lost the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction, between what really matters and that which is trivial. The drawing as a fundamental base of his creative process gives way to diverse media, such as sculpture, photography, the installation and the moving image through the cinematographic medium and video. He structures a visual language with a figurative nature, based on which he explores the individual and its obsessions and desires, constructs narratives that confront us with isolation or the passage of time, amongst other themes, and in which he includes references from literature, mythology, theatre, film and the visual arts.